Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, our regular retro box art-based poll to find the best regional variants from two or more territories.

Last time we looked at Brain Training for Nintendo DS on its 15th anniversary, and after a meeting of the minds it seems that Europe had both the brains and the beauty; the EU cover walked away with over 50% of the vote. North America’s yellow cover came second and Japan came last.

This week we're celebrating the release of New Pokémon Snap on Switch by taking a look at (Old) Pokémon Snap on Nintendo 64. So grab your cameras and let's get our subjects in focus...

North America


Beginning in North America, a camera lens occupies the centre space with a bevy of Pocket Monsters seemingly bursting forth... or maybe they're getting sucked in and 'captured'? It's hard to tell, but we like it all the same.

We're suckers for the logo, too, with its roll of film boasting 64 exposures. We're less enthused about the rubbish tagline in the bottom left corner, though.



The blue European cover unfurls a larger roll of film and we see the Pokémon caught in their natural habitats as the film spools out.

Two rolls on this cover, with the same great logo, too, and we like the different shades of blue in the background.



Japan got a portrait-oriented box with similar key art to the NA version, although the camera lens and the red/white colouring of the background gives the impression of a Poké Ball.

The film is also present here and we like the focus (pardon the pun) that the big lens right in the centre brings.

So, you’ve seen the three options, but which cover is ready for its closeup? Click on your favourite below and hit ‘Vote’ to let us know:

Which region got the best Pokémon Snap box art?

David Bailey? More like bathe it daily! We hope you're enjoying the new game if you're playing it this weekend. Let us know below which of these vintage snaps clicks with you, and we'll see you in a week or two (or three, in fact) for the next Box Art Brawl.