Super Bomberman R Online arrives on the Nintendo Switch today, and if you happen to be in locations such as Japan or Australia, you can actually download this free-to-play title from the eShop right now.

This spin-off of Super Bomberman R revitalises the game as a 64-player online battle royale, and tasks players with blasting through battlefields to be the last Bomberman stand. There'll also be special goodies in each season such as a Metal Gear Solid themed 'Old Snake Bomber'.

The download will require 2.3GB of free space on your Switch and there's some downloadable content available. This includes an 'Add-On' pack (for $14.99 AUD or your regional equivalent) featuring 14 additional characters equipped with special types of abilities.

Bomber coins (in-game currency to buy new outfits and unlock various other in-game items in the shop) can also be purchased with real money. To celebrate Super Bomberman R Online's launch on new platforms - Konami is doing a crossover event with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout:

"from today, all SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE players will be able to claim an exclusive “Bean Bomber” playable character* – marking the first time that a Fall Guy has crossed over into another game."

*Available in-game across all platforms until further notice. No additional purchase required.

“Bean Bomber” is able to dive around the battlefield, trying not to stumble into too many bombs as players compete against one another in the new Battle 64 online mode and more.


Will you be trying out this new free-to-play Switch release? Leave a comment down below.