2020 brought a home fitness boom that helped Ring Fit Adventure go from being a relatively interesting and high quality Switch title to an in-demand hot-selling item. There have been various other fitness games stepping up too, and later this Summer we'll see Bandai Namco jump into the fray.

The company has confirmed that Family Trainer is heading to the Western markets on 3rd September. This was released last December in Japan as Family Trainer for Switch, with that name acknowledging the fact that the series has been around since back in the Wii days. It's a compilation of 15 mini-games with different modes for tackling them either as a solo workout or for some multiplayer shenanigans.

The links below from our post on the Japanese release take you to videos for each of the games (some of the names may change in localisation, of course).

Log Dodge sure looks intense...

There'll be two purchase options in store, one with just the game and another that includes two leg-straps. It actually looks like the same leg-strap that you get with Ring Fit Adventure (it could be the very same, as Bandai Namco and Nintendo are close partners in various projects), so if you do have Nintendo's title already and plan to play solo you could potentially save money and just get the software.

Are you planning to pick this up in September?