New Pokemon Snap

Looking forward to New Pokémon Snap launching later this month? Want to show off your passion for the game in style? Well, it looks like Nintendo has you covered.

Yes, just like the custom Tom Nook emoji which appeared on Twitter for last year's Animal Crossing: New Horizons launch, a new Meganium emoji is now available for this month's pocket monster photo fest. You can use either #NewPokemonSnap or #PokemonSnap to make one appear in your tweets, as demonstrated below.

Incidentally, the game was treated to its latest trailer just last week, giving us six minutes of juicy gameplay footage in the process. If you want to learn more about the game before putting in a pre-order, make sure to check out our early impressions.

Even if you're not the hashtag sort, it's nice to see good ol' Meganium getting the attention it deserves, isn't it?