Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour continues to be a huge success for Nintendo, surpassing two major milestones in its quest to become one of the world's highest-earning mobile racers.

According to new data from Sensor Tower, the title has now surpassed 200 million downloads worldwide and has accumulated more than $200 million in player spending. Over the past year (1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021), the game was Nintendo's second highest-earning mobile release; Fire Emblem Heroes beat it with $163.4 million in that time, compared to Mario Kart Tour's $92.7 million.

Of course, the game had a cracking start right from the off, generating a whopping 20 million downloads on launch day and more than 100 million after its first month. Things have been a little more steady since then, but its continued success means that Mario Kart Tour was the fourth highest-earning mobile racing game over the past year, only being beaten by KartRider Rush+, Tencent's QQ Speed, and CSR Racing 2.

Top Grossing Nintendo Mobile Games
Image: Sensor Tower

It's easy to see how the app has generated the income it has – players can opt into a regular $4.99 per month subscription to the game's Gold Pass for additional in-game content, and optional packs have cost eye-watering amounts of money over the game's lifetime.

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