Mario Kart Tour
Image: Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour really is racing ahead, with Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data revealing Nintendo's sixth mobile game is its "most successful yet" in terms of day-one downloads.

The newest Mario Kart game is estimated to have already exceeded 20 million installs within its first 24 hours of availability. To top it off, players around the world have spent $1 million on the game.

Sensor Tower published the following chart to illustrate just how well Mario Kart Tour performed on its first day compared to existing Nintendo mobile releases:

Mario Kart Sensor Tower
Image: Sensor Tower

As you can see, the recent release Dr. Mario World is nowhere near Mario Kart Tour. Even the second most installed day-one game (Super Mario Run) is millions of downloads behind it.

In terms of day-one revenue, Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo's third-best mobile launch. Fire Emblem Heroes - Nintendo's biggest money-maker - made around $4.3 million on its first day and Super Mario Run was in second place.

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