Mario Kart Tour

At the end of last month, Mario Kart Tour made the transition across to smartphone devices. Since then, it has been downloaded an estimated 123.9 million times across the App Store and Google Play. This makes it the most downloaded Nintendo mobile game on launch.

As illustrated by Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data, Super Mario Run is the next closest – with 21.8 million downloads:

Nintendo Mobile First Month Downloads

As for revenue, Mario Kart Tour has now made $37.4 million. This puts the mobile racer in second place behind Fire Emblem Heroes – which made $67.6 million in its launch month.

In terms of revenue per download, the game isn't performing quite as good, according to Sensor Tower. It makes an average of $0.26 per player – slightly better than Dr. Mario World ($0.19 per player), but still nowhere near the amount Dragalia Lost made in its first month ($16.50 per player).

Did you download and spend money on Mario Kart Tour in the first month of its availability? Tell us below.