If you were around during the Nintendo 64 era, you might remember special Snap Station kiosks in-store allowing you to print out your photos in Pokémon Snap. It was quite a novelty at the time.

To make the upcoming Switch release New Pokémon Snap just a little bit more nostalgic, Lawson (a local convenience store chain in Japan) will be offering trainers a chance to print out their favourite shots in the new game.

The process of printing looks relatively simple - all you have to do is transfer your photos from Switch to a PC or mobile device, and register through Lawson's special website (designed for New Pokémon Snap) to access the photos you want to print out.

Lawson Printing

Lawson is also offering a download card including a copy of the game that comes with a special New Pokémon Snap sticker.

It's not yet known if a similar promotion will make its way across to the west, but we'll let you know if we hear anything. Does this promo bring back any fond memories? Will you be picking up this long-awaited sequel later this month? Tell us below.

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