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As you're probably aware, this year's online-only Tokyo Game Show is currently underway in Japan. Xbox kicked things off with its very own event, and to begin, head of Xbox Phil Spencer delivered a message praising the Japanese game industry.

Alongside series like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Persona, he also acknowledged the Nintendo Switch release Animal Crossing: New Horizons as one of the greats. Here's exactly he had to say:

"Japan is a creative superpower in this industry with iconic characters and games that are highlights in the gaming histories of hundreds of millions of players across the globe. Yakuza, Metal Gear, Biohazard, Persona, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and even more recently the phenomenon of Animal Crossing."

"Japan and its creators have shaped so much of the magic we expect when it's time to play a game. The culture and community that has had a profound influence on gaming across the world, on all screens, on Xbox fans and on our team."

This isn't the first time Phil has praised Animal Crossing on the Switch before. He first did it back in August on Gary Whitta's Animal Talking show while mentioning how Nintendo was a jewel of the video game industry with the strongest first-party pedigree out there.

Earlier this week, Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media (the parent company of Bethesda) for $7.5 billion. A few days later Xbox shut down rumours about other acquisitions being announced at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

What do you think of the titles Phil highlighted? Do you agree Animal Crossing is one of the most iconic Japanese video game series of all-time? Are there any others you would have noted? Tell us down below.

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