After facing numerous delays and much speculation, EA's free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends finally arrived on Switch yesterday. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and ported by Panic Button, we've heard a few things previously about the challenges in bringing it over.

Panic Button has previously outlined the Switch port's technical performance, running at 720p docked, 576p in handheld mode, both with a fixed 30 frames-per-second. But you might be wondering, how does that look compared to rival platforms?

Today, GameXplain has uploaded a side-by-side comparison, comparing Apex Legends on Switch to a PS4 Pro through a series of clips. As expected, the Switch edition takes a noticeable visual hit, whilst retaining all features and content from other versions.

Despite these compromises, Panic Button seems to have preserved the gameplay here, and we'll be bringing you our full thoughts in due course.

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