Apex Legends on Switch
Image: EA

Apex Legends is officially out on the Switch today and as you might have heard it'll offer cross-play - allowing you to take on players on other systems.

So, what will it be like for Nintendo players in battle? During a chat with Famitsu, Panic Button's technical director, Andy Boggs, said the game would run 720p docked, 576p in handheld mode and has a frame rate of 30FPS across both modes.

Although a lot of effort has gone into the Switch version of the game, in battle - competitors on other platforms could potentially have double the frame rate, if not more. While there may be some performance limitations, Andy told Nintendo Life there were no sacrifices or compromises in terms of features or content:

"Not really as far as features or content, everything that’s there on other versions of the game should be there on Switch. I think the big challenge for us is always coming in and understanding what parts of the game that we can adapt and make changes to and optimize and what parts are so essential that we need to leave alone. I think ultimately the changes we had to make are not going to impact players' experience with it. It’s still a great experience and it feels like playing Apex!"

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[source famitsu.com, via nintendoeverything.com]