Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo Life

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most innovative devices in recent history - blending portable and console gaming into one.

There have been a lot of tech companies attempting to recreate Nintendo's success over the past four years with their own similar but slightly different creations, and according to an "exclusive" over on the website Android Police, the next one that wants to have a crack is the American tech giant, Qualcomm.

AP's Editor-in-Chief, David Ruddock, reveals Qualcomm is planning on its first foray into the consumer electronics markets in years, with a "knockoff" device that "bears a strong resemblance" to Nintendo's hybrid system. It has "detachable" Joy-Con-style controllers and is powered by Android 12 and the company's Snapdragon chipset.

"The device, which we were able to view non-final images of but cannot share, is immediately familiar to anyone who owns a Switch. Detachable "joycon" style controllers are on the left and right sides of the core console, which resembles a thicker, bulkier smartphone."

This "thicker design" will make the processor run faster and gives Qualcomm space to include "a large 6000mAh battery" equipped with the company's quick charge tech. It is also believed to include a "full HD+ display" that is 6.65 inches, according to XDA's Editor-in-Chief, Mishaal Rahman. In terms of the controller, Qualcomm will call on a "premium supplier" (which Android Police was unable to verify the name of) within the controller space, to design and manufacture the gamepads.

The reported system will supposedly support display-out capabilities to play on television, but it is unclear at this stage how exactly this will work. There will also be an SD card slot to expand storage, Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers, dual-zone haptics, 5G support and it will include Google's suite of Play apps and services.

The company is hoping to get the Epic Games Store app up and running before the system's release as well and is currently targeting a Q1 2022 launch with a price point of $300 USD. AP says Qualcomm intends to offer direct sales to customers and also promote the system on the shelves of carrier stores.

Just yesterday, we heard how Chinese video game giant Tencent had patented its own Switch-like handheld and there have also been reports of Nintendo launching a new 4K model of the Switch for $399.