Tencent Game Patent.JPG
Image: Tencent Games

Tencent's been making a name for itself in Nintendo circles in recent years. As it continues working on Pokémon Unite through TiMi Studios, the Chinese tech giant also obtained exclusive distribution rights for the Switch launch in China back in 2019.

Now, if a recent patent is to be believed, Tencent's looking to launch its own handheld gaming console. Filed back in October 2020, this patent was simply titled "Game Console", and saw approval on March 19th. That came with several product images and, as you can see, it looks just like a Switch.

Tencent Games Console.JPG
Image: Tencent Games

Outside of visual similarities, Tencent's "Game Console" is clearly designed for portability, also including a built-in stand and a Type-C interface. It also lacks removable controllers and appears to be running on PC hardware. A Windows 10 button is visible beneath the D-Pad, and the back of the device states "For PC Console gamer".

It's worth noting that Tencent previously filed multiple patents for games hardware back in 2016, ones that never got released, so a patent alone doesn't guarantee it'll launch. Still, given Nintendo's recent success in China, we wouldn't be surprised if this one made its way to market.

[source gizmochina.com]