Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, the weekly poll we run to find out which of two or more regional box art variants from years past is best.

Last time we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Game Boy Advance with a look at launch title Kuru Kuru Kururin. The game didn't get a GBA release in North America, but fortunately Australia and New Zealand stepped in with a bespoke cover which caused quite an upset: it beat both Europe and Japan's efforts with a decisive 56% of the vote! Chalk one up for the southern hemisphere — one-for-one, in fact, as that was the region's first appearance in the Brawl. Hopefully we'll see them again in future bouts.

Not today, though. Last week was the 25th anniversary of the original Resident Evil and the 19th for REmake, the GameCube... er, remake that's since been released across multiple consoles over the last two decades, including Switch. This is Capcom's sixth Brawl featuring its survival horror series (the last being DS port Deadly Silence which scrapped with itself back in January on its 15th anniversary).

So, grab your sunglasses and let's split up. What can go wrong?



This bumper two-disc game's European cover is one of the most understated we can remember in a while. The white font of the title is plastered slap-bang in the middle of a muddy black/brown/red background with spots of blood faintly visible.

From a distance you'd be forgiven for thinking it's completely black — it's almost like placeholder art. It's not terrible, but there's not much to recommend it. Give us a bloodshot eyeball or a claw, at least.



The Japanese Biohazard cover goes with an interior shot of the iconic mansion lobby, highlighting how much better it looks in this remake. There's a bunch of text at the top and bottom, which makes things a little messy, although that logo looks sweet. Gotta love the dagger-y bit on the 'h'.

Evocative of the original with a hint of what awaits in the new version, plus a decent logo. A step up from Europe, we think, although it's not done any favours by all the text and warning symbols.

North America


The North American cover gives us some character action; Jill grapples with a zombie as the light of the full moon shines in through the window and splays across the mansion's carpet. We like the contrast between light and dark, although the insipid logo feels perfunctory at the top and the negative space in the centre-left above Jill's head feels awkward.

Some nice elements, but a bit meh in its execution.

So, you’ve seen the three options, but which one resides in your cold, undead heart? Click on your favourite below and hit ‘Vote’ to let us know:

Which region got the best REmake box art? (2,316 votes)

  1. Europe
  2. Japan
  3. North America
    North America33%

We hope you're having a great weekend — stay safe and we'll see you next time for another round.