Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn't the only all-star brawler on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, last month saw the release of the Power Stone "inspired" 3D arena fighter, Mighty Fight Federation.

The game already has characters like ToeJam & Earl along with Yooka-Laylee in it, and it's now been confirmed Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will be entering the battle this Spring.

The developer apparently worked directly with Bloodstained’s famed creator, Koji Igarashi, to ensure it did Miriam justice. Iga even shared the following message:

“Hello, this is Iga. I am pleased to announce that Miriam has been included in Mighty Fight Federation! Miriam is the protagonist of my exploration-heavy side-scrolling action game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. I am very excited to see what kind of fighting style she’ll bring to the table. Oh, and if you haven’t heard of Bloodstained, please check it out as well~ I wish you all have tons of fun playing both works.”

Here's exactly what you can expect from Miriam when she arrives:

"Miriam comes with her own level and remixed music track. She will have one the largest movesets in Mighty Fight Federation, focusing on weapon and shard synergy, with many moves inspired by the entirety of the Bloodstained franchise."

If you would like to learn more about Mighty Federation Fighter, check out our full review. Bloodstained's Miriam was also recently added to Soulslike/Metroidvania action game, Blasphemous.

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