Nintendo 3DS
Image: Nintendo Life

Making the vast majority of the Nintendo Life team feel excruciatingly old, today sees the tenth anniversary of Nintendo 3DS' release in Europe.

Yes, on 25th March 2011, the 3DS hit western shores for the first time following its Japanese launch a month prior – the North American release came just two days later on the 27th March. It didn't have a killer Nintendo first-party release to drive early sales and launched for a pretty substantial price point ($249.99 in the US), meaning sales weren't as strong as they could have been early on.

Just four months later, in July 2011, Nintendo announced that the 3DS would be receiving a major price cut of around one-third of the original asking price ($249.99 to $169.99). This, along with the summer release of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, helped the console to start building the audience that the tech arguably deserved.

Now, ten years later, we often find ourselves looking back on the 3DS as a truly great Nintendo offering. Surprisingly, it's technically the company's worst-performing handheld console in terms of units sold, but it has some truly incredible games in its library.

Happy tenth birthday, 3DS! Feel free to share your memories of this glasses-free 3D handheld marvel in the comments below.