Just in case it had slipped your mind, here's a friendly reminder that Persona 5 Strikers is available starting today on Nintendo Switch.

Featuring a deep story campaign and an exciting hybrid battle system, Persona 5 Strikers has been available to those who purchased the Digital Deluxe edition for several days now. Today is the game's proper release date, however, meaning everyone can now jump in by downloading the title from the eShop or by grabbing a physical copy.

As the Phantom Thieves investigate a series of strange cases occurring across Japan, they discover another realm where innocent people are being jailed and forced to forfeit their hearts' desires by the whims of its ruler. In typical Phantom Thieves style, they're going to use everything they've got to liberate the imprisoned, return their hearts, and strike back against the corruption in their most explosive fight yet!

If you had any doubts about this not being a 'proper' sequel to Persona 5, or that it might not be worth your time, we're happy to report that you needn't have worried. In our full review of the game, we described Strikers as a "slick and stylish spin-off that manages to successfully combine a surprisingly strong story with some satisfying Musou-inspired hack-and-slash action." Make sure to give that a read if you're on the fence.

Persona 5 Strikers

Are you playing Persona 5 Strikers today? Thinking of getting the game soon, or is this one just not for you? Feel free to let us know in the usual place.