Image: Reggie Fils-Aimé

Reggie Fils-Aimé left Nintendo in 2019, but he's popped up pretty often to talk about his former employer.

This year alone, he's already co-hosted the New York Game Awards, joined an industry roundtable on Twitch and next month, he'll appear in "Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story".

Recently, Reggie was also interviewed by Gamertag Radio, a discussion which left several points of consideration. Having told us why the Switch's success made retirement easy and raising concerns about E3 2021, he also shared some fond memories of working at Nintendo:

Everything from my very first E3 and the famous words, 'My name is Reggie I'm about kicking ass and taking names and we're about making games.' That was a phenomenal moment. At that same E3, when we played a Zelda trailer for what became Twilight Princess, and having the media cry ... I mean literally! The jaded media. These folks had tears streaming down their faces.

The event where we launched the Wii and myself, Mr. Iwata, Mr. Miyamoto and a contestant who had won the opportunity to play live with us on stage. That was a magical moment."

It's not the first time Reggie's reflected upon these since retirement, either. He brought us many memorable moments during his tenure as Nintendo of America's president, leaving some pretty big shoes for his successor Doug Bowser to fill.

Nintendo's impact on Reggie is clear, and as he continues his active involvement in the games industry, we've not seen the last of him yet.

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