PP Bridge
Image: u/deathnutz

We've been wondering - does the concept of Not Safe For Work still apply when we're all working from home? If not, then this rather phallic bridge is Perfectly Safe For Work, unless your boss is also in your house.

As Twitter user @akfamilyhome discovered (h/t Kotaku), there's a certain bridge in Super Mario 3D World's World 4 castle that's a little bit suspect, and despite gaining some recognition back when the game originally came out, it's still there in the Switch version. Cheeky.

Hello there, bridge
Image: @akfamilyhome

Now, we could forgive Nintendo's level designers for accidentally making a bridge look a bit like a you-know-what, but the two P switches make it tricky to see this as an accident.

Is that a 1-Up in Mario's pocket, or is he just... er, you know what, never mind. Please say something in the comments that isn't gross, or we'll get in trouble.

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