Mario Golf Super Rush Switch

There were roughly 30 games shown off in total during yesterday's Nintendo Direct, including releases of popular third-party games, new indies, and even some new and remastered Nintendo releases, but thanks to a leak over on Reddit, around half of them (or their titles, at least) were already doing the rounds online ahead of time.

A known leaker going by the name PracticalBrush12 shared a list of titles just a couple of hours before the presentation was due to start. The accuracy on show – particularly when it comes to brand new games like Mario Golf: Super Rush which hadn't been revealed at all before the Direct – suggests that the Reddit user certainly has inside knowledge when it comes to Nintendo's presentations.

In a spoiler-tagged post shared just after 8pm GMT on 17th February, PracticalBrush12 wrote:

"Just a list, here catch: Project Triangle Strategy, NeonWhite, SaGa Frontier, World's End Club, Fall Guys, Legend Of Mana, Stubbs, No More Heroes 3, Mario Golf, Apex Legends, Ghosts and Goblins Resurrected, Tales from Borderlands, Ninja Gaiden, Miitopia, Samurai Warriors 5... Oh and I forgot about Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD"

As we now know, all of these titles did indeed feature in the Direct, alongside several others not listed here like the show's grand finale, Splatoon 3.

We're sure Nintendo won't be best pleased to see the list leak ahead of time, and we're sure the majority of fans wouldn't want a Direct spoiled either, but there's no doubt that there's demand from some to see leaks like these at the earliest opportunity.

Either way, it seems Nintendo has a problem on its hands.