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Image: Nintendo/7-Eleven

You may recall our coverage of the special "Ichiban Kuji" lottery that Japanese 7-Eleven stores have been enjoying these past few days, with prizes ranging from alarm clocks to soap dispenser. You may specifically recall the Mario's Mix Roll, a special spaghetti sandwich made to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. You may recall feeling hungry and a little bit confused. Well, Nintendo has just released the full menu, so let the confusion/hunger continue!

Everyone's favourite dinosaur-horse is represented with a traditional melonpan, a criss-crossed green bread filled with melon-flavoured custard and whipped cream.

Bowser's rebranding as a big, scary monster (rather than just a grumpy dad who occasionally steals princesses) continues with the hot fried chicken sandwich, which Nintendo warns is "super spicy" thanks to the bread roll being coated with chili sauce.

Princess Peach, as always, is represented with dessert: a sweet and sour jelly and cream cheese dish called the "Princess Peach Dolce", with flavours of lemon, strawberry, and milk, made to look like her dress and crown.

The pretty, glittery Star is made of pineapple sauce and milk jelly - a nice palette cleanser after the Bowser roll, maybe?

Finally, the Fire Flower Flame Curry Bun takes its inspiration from the traditional Chinese steamed bun, with a Fire Flower emblem stamped on top. Its filling is a red tomato chicken curry, but it's apparently less spicy than Bowser's chicken sandwich.

Which dish would you be most likely to eat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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