Mario Lottery

Starting on February 5th, the massively popular American-built, Japanese-owned chain store, 7-Eleven, will be running the "Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Campaign", which adds a few new Mario-themed food items to the menu.

The only item detailed so far is the "Mario's Mix Roll", a bun stuffed with a red ketchup croquette, egg salad, and mushroom pasta with tomato sauce.

On January 23rd, the Super Mario "Ichiban Kuji" - a lottery where there's always a prize - will return from last year. It costs 650 yen to enter (about £4.50), and the prizes range from a talking Mario plush to new merch that didn't appear in the 2020 batch, including a bath towel, a tote, and an alarm clock.

The full list of prizes is as follows:

  • Mario talking plush toy
  • An alarm clock that plays a medley of Mario music
  • A 35th anniversary bath towel that shows Mario's different designs through the years
  • A set of two glow-in-the-dark Boo-shaped soap dispensers
  • An eco bag covered with Mario art
  • One of four different designs of bean dish, which stack together to create a brick block
  • A package of small towels with eight different Mario designs
  • Another alarm clock, this time with special 35th anniversary art and a different medley of songs
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We're still crazy about the Boo soap dispensers, but we do have our eye on those bean dishes. Currently we just store our beans loose on the kitchen counter, so it would be nice to have somewhere to keep them tidy.

Which item is your favourite? Let us know below.