Lego Ideas Sonic
Image: LEGO Ideas, toastergrl

You know how we keep sharing these amazing fan-made LEGO Ideas projects based on video games, hoping that one day one of them will actually be made into a real thing? Well, it's finally happened!

LEGO has today confirmed that the fan-made Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone set we featured on the site last year has been given the green light. The company will team up with Sega to release a product based on the design, with its final look, pricing and other details to be confirmed at a later date.

The concept it'll be using, designed by LEGO Ideas user toastergr, can be seen in the images above and below.

"The review board has given Viv Grannell's (aka toastergrl on LEGO Ideas) Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone the green light. We're excited to collaborate with SEGA and Viv to bring one of the most iconic game characters and brands to life via LEGO bricks on the basis of Viv's colourful and fun creation. Congrats Viv!"

Talking about the winning idea, Viv Grannell said; "I’ve been invested in the world of Sonic for almost my entire life, and it’s such a perfect fit for the LEGO system that I spent about a year rallying support for it to happen. Having 10,000 people back my design was overwhelming enough, even with friends and family behind me, but having it be selected for further development was the most exciting secret I have ever had to keep!"

With this, we now have official LEGO sets for both Mario and Sonic, which will surely do wonders for getting more video game-based LEGO products in the future. The awesome Metroid set we featured a little while ago has now also surpassed the required 10,000 user votes to be considered, so that should be reviewed by the LEGO team in the near future.

What other designs would you like to see? Will you buy this Sonic set when it eventually releases? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.