Crash Bandicoot 4
Image: Activision

After rumours and reports, it's finally official – Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is coming to Switch this year. The game will release on March 12th, 2021, and will cost $39.99 in North America.

Our friends over at Push Square were lucky enough to sit down with Toys for Bob Creative Producer Lou Studdert to discuss the game coming to next-gen systems, and Switch is coming along for the ride.

Studdert spoke about how the game will run on Nintendo's machine, saying:

The team itself has taken the game and basically done tuning to make sure that it works on the Nintendo Switch, and making sure that it works on the go, works docked and undocked. It's 720p when undocked, and 1080p when docked. Frame rate is 30.

When asked what was the most challenging aspect of getting it running on Switch, Studdert replied:

I mean it's the same challenge as bringing it to any console, honestly. There's just so much content in the game. There are so many levels, there are so many different ways of playing, there's all these different things to make sure work. So for our engineers, our artists, our QA team, just making sure that it's a seamless transition, and it performs as well as it did on the consoles we originally launched with. It's a big undertaking.