Update: Sega has since denied it is involved with Taxi Chaos.

Original Story [Fri 12th Feb, 2021 16:30 GMT]: We first covered Taxi Chaos last year, when we said it was a "spiritual successor" to the much-loved Sega classic, Crazy Taxi. It turned out that Taxi Chaos is sort of a Sega game, too, since the publisher will be distributing the game across Asia, so at least we know there won't be a legal case against the developers like there was with The Simpsons Road Rage. Man, remember when we got games about The Simpsons? Good times.

Taxi Chaos
Image: Lion Castle

Taxi Chaos finally has a release date: the 23rd of February, meaning that we can commit all sorts of driving crimes in less than two weeks. What's more, the game's Lead Designer, Jordan Stocx, will be streaming a playthrough on Tuesday 16th, a week ahead of release, at 7pm GMT.

Much like Crazy Taxi, Taxi Chaos is all about picking up fares, and dropping them at their destination as fast as possible for the highest fare you can get. The game will include fully voiced conversations, seven different cars, three different modes, and destructible environments.

Does this interest those of you who miss Crazy Taxi, or is it just another attempt to cash in on a great game? Tell us your thoughts below.

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