Happy birthday, Mario! We got you, er, a bunch of people dressing up as you. Also, we're going to delete some of your games.

Yeah, Mario's 35th birthday reminds us a bit of that 13th birthday party where it rained and the clown stole the cake, to be honest - but Animal Crossing: New Horizons' latest new items will feature everyone's favourite plumber, his brother, his rival, and his love interest. Sounds a bit like Love Island, to be honest.

The most exciting addition by far is the Warp Pipe, which can instantly take you from one area of your island to the next. It's a bit hard to believe that an entirely new travel system could be added to the game as part of a free update - and it's a little disappointing that it's a big ugly Warp Pipe. Our island is very carefully curated, and large green pipes ain't it. Ah well.

Other interactive items include Question Blocks, Goal Poles, collectable coins, Super Stars, Thwomps, and a chubby wee 1-Up mushroom. It's entirely possible to make a full Super Mario Bros. level with all these goodies - if only there were a Bowser to defeat. And lava to drop him into.

Wearable items include hats for Luigi, Mario, and Wario - plus a crown for Princess Peach - as well as the matching 'staches, and the full outfits and shoes for each. Poor Waluigi always gets forgotten.

There are also some items we didn't get to see the players interacting with, like Small and Large Mushroom Platforms, a Fire Flower, a Koopa Shell, and a Super Mushroom. There are also floors themed around blocks, rugs themed around Lakitu's Cloud and Yoshi's Egg, and a wallpaper called "Mushroom Mural".

All of these items will be available to purchase from the Nook Shopping Catalogue, with prices ranging from 350 Bells for the Coin to 12,000 Bells for Peach's Crown.

The update is free, and will be available to download on February 25th.

Excited? Curious? Disappointed? Give us your Mario musings in the comments.