Sonic Colors

If you've played any of the Sonic the Hedgehog games over the past ten years, you've probably heard or at least read some lines written by Ken Pontac and Warren Graff.

The pair (also known for the graphic cartoon show Happy Tree Friends) worked on the story, dialogue and English translations for the Sonic games - starting out with Sonic Colours (2010) and most recently contributing to Team Sonic Racing (2019).

While there's been no official mention of them moving on from the Sonic games or Sega of America, fans have suspected it for some time now. In 2019, their LinkedIn profiles got an update - suggesting their time at Sega was up, and now, in an appearance on the YouTube channel RebelTaxi, Pontac has once again indicated they've moved on.

Well into the interview, he says the pair "had a good run" whilst reflecting on his time with Sega.

This follows on from the news earlier this week that Sonic the Hedgehog's voice actor announced he would be stepping down from the role after more than 10 years with Sega.

Sonic celebrates his 30th anniversary this year, so perhaps Sega intends to reinvigorate the series. While it hasn't shared anything just yet, it previously said it's got some "exciting news" it can't wait to reveal.