Switch has become a natural home to indie games and we'd be lying if we said Roguelikes/Rogue-Lites didn't make up a significant portion of that. Joining the rhythm antics in Crypt of the Necrodancer and Enter the Gungeon's chaotic shooting, Tunnel of Doom is the newest game to enter the fray and this time around, it's mixing things up with tower defence gameplay.

Created by Helsinki-based developer Antti Vaihia, Tunnel of Doom began work after finishing his previous project Gun Bombers, crediting Jan Willem Nijman from Vlambeer as an inspiration:

My debut title left a void in my life. I needed another fix to feed the addiction. Luckily, I stumbled upon a tweet from Jan Willem Nijman about simple random level generation. After toying around with this mechanic, I started to imagine the kind of game it could inspire. Sticking with the mining theme of my previous game I set forth to put my own spin to the rogue-lite scene. It's been a blast. Cheers to you Jan!

Set in 1903, this story takes place within a small mining town called Goldcrest, where the town's mayor has shut down the mine in mysterious circumstances. You'll play as Angel, who finds her husband trapped inside the mine and it's down to you to investigate, searching for additional survivors and fending off some ghoulish monsters.

Facing a series of hordes, you'll need to be strategical in order to survive and that involved setting traps, gathering resources and improving your weapons for more refined combat. Naturally, it wouldn't be a rogue-lite if the map wasn't randomly generated each time, and that's exactly what you can expect for Tunnel of Doom.

Currently scheduled for a Q2 2021 launch, we'll bring you more details as they arrive.

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