Super Smash Bros. ft. Steve from Minecraft
Image: Nintendo/Mojang

If you're looking for a bit of post-Christmas dosh, perhaps you need to look no further than the video games you've been playing the whole time.

According to H&T Pawnbrokers, just one of Sonic the Hedgehog's golden rings would net you £5.8 billion ($7.7 billion) on the market, weighing approximately 256 pounds (~116 kg). Thanks to the insights of the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics wiki (an extremely trustworthy source of Sonic info), we know that Sonic himself only weighs 35kg, so apparently his arms are just as strong as his legs. We have no news on how much a Chaos Emerald would cost, but it's gotta be a lot more than the rings, since Eggman isn't bothering with those, right?

Meanwhile, Steve from Minecraft is finally going to have enough money to upgrade his dirt shack into a mansion (with a whole room dedicated to M&Ms), since his diamond pickaxe alone is £5 billion in shiny rock money. Considering how much time we've put into digging the damn things up, we'd say that's a fair trade.

The beloved Animal Crossing Froggy Chair (the one that's missing from New Horizons) is only £34 worth of butt-comforting frogginess, while Mario's brick block is just £14 worth of masonry (although Mario's probably fine with all the coins he's got). Link's Master Sword - which technically doesn't even belong to him, it's just on loan from the goddesses - would be worth £1,800 of carbon steel.

Take a look at the full list of gaming prop evaluations below:

Game Props
Image: H&T Pawnbrokers

Do you think something even pricier is missing from the list, or do you have an object from games that you'd love to know the real-life cost of? Let us know your thoughts below!