The Pokémon Company has confirmed the release date for the upcoming New Pokémon Snap. Budding photographers don't have too long to wait, as it'll be available from 30th April.

A brand new trailer has arrived to give us the good news, showing off some glorious, never-before-seen footage of the game. This time around, the adventure takes place in a region called Lental, and it all looks very lovely indeed.

Get ready for New Pokémon Snap, an all-new adventure for Nintendo Switch inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Snap. Explore beaches, jungles, deserts, and more as you photograph over 200 Pokémon and investigate the mysterious Illumina phenomenon in New Pokémon Snap.

Wild Pokémon are all around and have adapted to thrive in all the various natural expanses of the Lental region. They may be seen living in groups patrolling their territory, wandering serenely on their own or even playing with other Pokémon species. With a careful eye and a photographer’s keen sense of adventure, you’ll be able to spot Pokémon lurking in all sorts of places, including secluded hideaways … and sometimes swooping down suddenly from the sky!

Players will be able to interact with Pokémon by throwing a Fluffruit, a tasty fruit found across the region, to catch their attention or watch them eat. You can even use this fruit to help draw out Pokémon into a variety of situations to see how they react. These serendipitous opportunities present a special challenge, and catching them with your camera at the perfect moment may gain you higher scores.

If you want to see more, make sure to check out our gallery of 25 new screenshots that have been revealed today.

Have you been waiting patiently since the first entry launched on Nintendo 64 all those years ago? Excited to finally play a new Pokémon Snap game on Switch? Let us know in the comments below.