Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, the sixth entry in Nippon Ichi's turn-based tactical RPG series, is scheduled to arrive in the West in 'Summer 2021' (as a Switch exclusive in this territory, no less). However, lucky Japanese gamers will get their hands on it in just one week's time when it launches on Switch and PS4 on 28th January.

With the Japanese release date so close, outlets have naturally been playing the game before launch and the score from Weekly Famitsu leaked just ahead of the magazine's publication. Dood, the butterflies!

Ready for it? Disgaea 6 scored a respectable 33/40 following the magazine's bespoke review format — that's one nine and three eights from the four reviewers rating the game. The reviewers' impressions were summarised thusly (thanks, Dual Shockers):

- 30 hours to clear the main story. 200 hours to 100% the game
- New functions such as auto play and turbos are extremely useful for post game
- You can grind EXP and items without doing anything thanks to the auto play
- The game is perfect for both newcomers and hardcore fans

While we might have to wait a while for an English version to arrive, publisher NIS America was kind enough to put out a new character trailer that introduces the principle cast and gives a good idea of the series' trademark humour and fabulous over-the-top-ness if you're new to how Disgaea does things — check out the full trailer at the top of the page.

There's also a demo available for Japanese Switch owners to enjoy right now with carry-over saves for the full version. Hopefully, we'll get an opportunity to sample the game before release in the West, too (and anyone with a Japanese Nintendo Account can download and enjoy the the trial version right now, of course — although you might not get far without at least a rudimentary command of Japanese).

Looking forward to Disgaea 6 in the summer? Did you enjoy the roll call (of dood-y) in that new trailer? Let us know below, doods.

[source ryokutya2089.com, via dualshockers.com]