A cutscene from F-Zero GX's story mode
Image: darkretromania / YouTube

Last November, Nintendo's F-Zero series turned 30 years old. While there are no signs of it making a comeback anytime soon, if it was to happen, one guy who would be happy to help out is Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi.

Nagoshi is known for producing the Yakuza series nowadays, but back in 2003, he worked on arguably the best entry in the F-Zero series - F-Zero GX for the Nintendo GameCube by Sega's Amusement Vision.

Speaking to Red Bull France late last year, Nagoshi said he would be open to working on the series again if given the opportunity. As unlikely as it may be, if it was to happen, it would have to be a "challenging" game - as Mario Kart is already the "fun and accessible" racer in Nintendo's library.

“Mmm… Putting aside the odds of it happening, I must admit I have a lot of affection for F-Zero GX. If the opportunity were to present itself, I wouldn’t mind. And in that case, I’d like to make it a challenging game. I believe that if Nintendo just wants a racing game that is ‘fun and accessible’, they already have Mario Kart for that purpose.”

The last F-Zero game released was the 2004 Japan-only Game Boy Advance title, F-Zero Climax. Since then, the series has resurfaced in games like Nintendo Land and Mario Kart 8 as DLC. Captain Falcon is still one of the main fighters in the Super Smash Bros. roster as well.

Would you like to see Nagoshi work on another F-Zero game in the future? Share your thoughts down below.

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