If you ask any self-respecting Nintendo fan which series they'd like to see come out of hibernation, many will say F-Zero. Aside from the themed mini-game in the forthcoming Wii U launch title Nintendo Land, we haven't seen an F-Zero title since 2004's F-Zero: Climax on the Game Boy Advance - which never made it out of Japan.

In an interview with French site Game Kult, Miyamoto was asked why the series has been dormant for almost a decade. His response is surprising, to say the least.

Game Kult: After a quick survey on Twitter, one of the games French gamers miss the most is F Zero. Nobody really understands why Nintendo hasn’t made a new one since 2004. Is there a chance we can see it back on Wii U?

Miyamoto: [eyes open wide] I am really pleased to hear Twitter’s opinion, because since the first episode on SNES many games have been made but the series has evolved very little. I thought people had grown weary of it.

I’d like to say: Thank you very much and try to wait by playing Nintendo Land’s F-Zero mini-game.

I am also very curious and I’d like to ask those people: Why F-Zero? What do you want that we haven’t done before?

It would appear that Miyamoto feels the franchise is unable to offer anything new, which is something of a blow for all of the F-Zero fans out there who are eagerly awaiting a new instalment. Are you one of those fans? What's your opinion on Miyamoto's reply? Drop a comment to let us - and the world - know.

[source mynintendonews.com, via gamekult.com]