Monster Hunter Rise
Image: Capcom

Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event showed off some new information relating to the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, and also gave us the exciting news that a demo is now available which lets you get to grips with the beast-bashing adventure.

If you have any thoughts on the event, then Capcom is interested. The company has issued an online survey to pull in feedback and make future Digital Events even better. You'll need to submit the usual boring stuff – age, location, interests, etc – before you get the chance to answer the really important questions, but it's worth taking the time to fill it out if you have any particularly strong feelings about what you witnessed.

Point your browser here to fill it in, and don't get to sum up your feelings with a comment below while you're at it. We're interested in what you made of it, too! Oh, and on the same topic, we've spent some time with the demo itself and have put up our initial impressions here.

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