Doom Eternal

After months and months of waiting, today is finally the day: yes, DOOM Eternal is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Those days of constant DOOM and Animal Crossing memes feel like an eternity ago now, so it's easy to forget that Eternal has been available on other platforms for more than eight months at this point. While Switch owners never got the tantalising double launch day they were dreaming of back in March, at least it's now ready and available to play on-the-go.

With the game being out for so long on other platforms, and at a considerably cheaper price point than the Switch edition thanks to post-release discounts, Nintendo's version isn't perhaps quite as appealing as it once was. Still, the Switch's portable nature will always be enough of a reason for some players to pick it up, and for those who don't own other platforms, today will be the first opportunity to dive into Hell once more.

So, we hand it over to you. Are you buying DOOM Eternal on Switch? Has the Switch version's delay caused it any harm? Cast your votes below:

Will you be getting DOOM Eternal on Switch?
And has the game's delay on Switch affected your decision?

We'll post our full review of DOOM Eternal on Switch as soon as we possibly can. Until then, feel free to check out our interview with port legends Panic Button and this handy DOOM Eternal Switch FAQ to learn more, and feel to expand upon your answers in the comments below.