Nintendo birthday

Yesterday saw the launch of a major system update for Nintendo Switch which, among other things, added a brand new Switch Online app to the console's home screen.

As it happens, it turns out that this new and improved app now comes with some additional release date trivia if your birthday happens to coincide with the release of specific games.

As spotted by Go Nintendo, if you head to the NES and SNES games within the app, you might spot a little birthday cake appear on certain games. Clicking on that will reveal a little message like this one below:

Switch Online App
Image: via Go Nintendo

For any of you hip 'n happenin' young'uns reading this, your birthday likely won't align with any of the NES and SNES games on offer, but it's a nice little touch for those who happen to have been born in the '80s and '90s.

Hopefully this little addition will go down better with Switch owners than the app's new icon, huh?