Monster Hunter Rise
Image: Capcom

Capcom was recently subject to a serious hack which has thrown up a bunch of new information regarding future releases, including the upcoming Switch timed exclusive Monster Hunter Rise.

It's already been leaked that Monster Hunter Rise will be coming to PC later in 2021 – although Capcom is yet to officially announce this, we should add – but it's now been revealed that Nintendo paid "around $6 million" for timed exclusivity. Rise launches on Switch in March 2021 and is believed to be coming to PC in October.

Interestingly, other documents reveal that Capcom internally discussed the game being totally exclusive to Switch, which hints that Nintendo could have paid more money to totally lock Rise down – but Capcom was cautious about keeping the game on a single system. It is noted that the Switch version will be 'hard to sell' in China, but 'brand-linked' measures would make a PC release there a success.

The hack has also revealed that Capcom is planning to revive a host of existing titles, as well as bring the two Great Ace Attorney titles to the west.