Great Ace Attorney
Image: Capcom

Earlier this month, Capcom's network was hit with a "customized ransomware attack". While no customer information was obtained in the hack, it has since become clear that internal email and file servers were compromised during the intrusion and around 1TB of data was stolen; Capcom has stated that it is "consulting with the police as well as other related authorities while both carrying out an investigation and taking measures to restore its systems."

The hack has resulted in the personal information of Capcom staff and source code being made available online – which we naturally won't be linking to – as well as release information for various titles which are planned for 2020. We're not going to share any of the images which have leaked online, and it's worth noting that some of the leaked information appears to be taken from 2018 files, so it shouldn't be taken as gospel that all of the following is happening.

The news relevant to Switch owners includes a new Ace Attorney collection (which is also coming to PS4) comprised of the original trilogy and the two entries in the 3DS-based Great Ace Attorney / Dai Gyakuten Saiban series, bundled together in a physical two-pack release. According to one of the leaked documents, Capcom is intended to translate the game, so it looks like this could be getting a western release.

The leak also details a new project codenamed "Guillotine", which is apparently due for release on Nintendo's console in February. It will come to other systems in May.

It's also stated that Monster Hunter Rise will be getting demos in January and March, and is coming to the PC in October. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is also getting a PC release at the same time it hits Switch in June, and paid DLC expansions are expected.

While none of this should be taken as solid confirmation, it's nonetheless interesting to see how Capcom's Switch plans are shaping up for the upcoming year. Let us know your thoughts with a comment below.