Ah, December 26th. The one day of the year when it is fully acceptable to lie on the sofa all day, playing video games. (What do you mean, that's every day?) When we're all pickled from booze, rounder than a Christmas pudding, and totally gifted out, there's nothing we love more than... more shopping?

Well, get used to it, because Cube Life: Island Survival - a graphically-updated remake of the 2015 Wii U title - is available to buy on the 26th December, with its Minecraft-style chunky blocks and its rather pretty water. Like Minecraft, it has both a Survival and Creative Mode, a bunch of tools, and lots of things that want to kill you. Unlike Minecraft, it has motorboats, HD textures, and sharks.

Check out the screenshots below for a better look at the updated graphics:

Cube Life was popular on the Wii U, largely because it was part of a market that aimed to cater to Minecraft players back before Mojang's bestseller was available on Nintendo platforms. Of course, now we have the Bedrock Edition on Switch, there's much less demand for games that attempt to ape the block-building original. Will you be grabbing Cube Life anyway? Let us know in the comments!

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