Paper Mario

In Nintendo's latest six-month earnings report, it was revealed Paper Mario: The Origami King sold 2.82 million copies in less than three months.

So how does this compare to previous entries in the series? Following in the footsteps of a lot of other first-party Nintendo releases this generation, it means The Origami King is now the fastest-selling Paper Mario game ever.

Super Paper Mario on the Wii was the previous record-holder, reportedly shifting 2.28 million units in about a year. Despite losing the title as the fastest-selling Paper Mario entry, Super Paper Mario still has the most lifetime sales (approx 4.23 million).

As with all games on the Nintendo Switch, it seems the success and ongoing demand for the system itself has played a big part in the latest Paper Mario sales.

In our review, we awarded The Origami King eight out of ten stars and said it was one of the best entries in the series, despite the fact it wasn't the new Thousand-Year Door game long-time fans had been hoping for.

Have you bought Paper Mario on the Nintendo Switch yet? Are you at all surprised by this news? Tell us down below.

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