Co-publishers All In! Games and 505 Games have announced that Ghostrunner, a cyberpunk parkour game described as "AAA quality", will be launching on Switch next week on 10th November.

It was originally planned to hit the eShop in October alongside its launch on other platforms, but was pushed back to give the developers a little more time and ensure it offered Switch players "the best possible experience".

It's also been revealed that if you pick it up within the first month, so up until 10th December, you'll get your hands on an in-game bonus made up of two exclusive Katanas, one of which is called the 'Exclusive Nintendo Katana Sword'.

Here's a feature list for the game:

- Become the ultimate cyberpunk ninja on the go
- Ghostrunner is designed to take full advantage of the Switch hardware, delivering a smooth experience
- Ascend a dystopian tower: run on walls, deploy an energy-based grappling hook, hijack and ride flying drones, and much more
- Wield a katana sharp enough to cut through flesh and steel in thrilling one-hit-one-kill combat
- Fast respawns alleviate frustration to keep players gripped by the twisting narrative


The game's reviewed pretty well on other platforms so it'll be interesting to see how it fares on Switch.

As ever, make sure to let us know if you're planning on buying this one in the comments below.