Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

The air's getting colder and the days are getting darker, but this week has been just as busy as ever in the world of Nintendo. The company has been dishing out legal hammer blows against a fan-made Zelda project and a popular TikTok star, Minecraft's Steve arrived in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – along with a very unfortunate victory screen – and plenty more besides.

Thankfully, then, the weekend is upon us, and it's time to discuss our weekend gaming plans. Members of Nintendo Life have done just that below, and we'd love for you to join in via our poll and comment sections. Enjoy!

Jon Cartwright, video producer

Howdy folks! I've played through a handful of Dragon Quest games in my time but for whatever reason I ignored the original trilogy - maybe I was worried they'd feel dated. However, over the week I chipped away at the original Dragon Quest on Nintendo Switch and was pleasantly surprised by how cosy it feels. It's a basic RPG that helped pioneer the genre but it contains a certain charm I haven't felt in some time. It's still worth playing!

This weekend I plan to dive straight into the sequel. I've heard mixed things about this one but either way I want to understand its legacy. I've played and adore both Builders games which are essentially sequels to these respective entries, I need to at least play DQ3 before they get to Builders 3 (please make Builders 3).

Ryan Craddock, news editor

Over the last few days, I've been getting stuck into a game that I've always kind of wanted to play but never gotten around to: LEGO Harry Potter Collection. The LEGO games have never exactly been something that I've found myself itching to buy, but I saw a copy going cheap and I can't help but love the Potter universe so I thought I'd finally jump in.

I'm actually having a decent time with it and will no doubt complete the story of the first of the two included games over the weekend (it includes Years 1 - 4, and Years 5 - 7). Then I've got a decision to make – go for 100% on the first game, or ignore that and play through the story of the second?

Gavin Lane, features editor

I’ve been on a bit of an N64 fix over the last week and managed to track down a loose cart of Space Station Silicon Valley. It’s one of those games I always meant to play but never got around to – I think it reviewed in the mid-80s when it released, but I couldn’t afford to spend my birthday and Christmas cash on anything that wasn’t 90%-plus. It piqued my interest, though, so I’m looking forward to investigating.

Otherwise I’ll be hunting down a Ranchu Goldfish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s available from 9am – 4pm in ponds but I’m never around at that time to go fishing. Once I’ve snagged that, I’m only two fish and two bugs away from completing my Critterpedia. Boom!

Gonçalo Lopes, contributing writer

With another music album done I can actually just relax and play some video games this weekend. Still playing Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions because I’m still missing the USA team, some more adventure of probable alcoholic Juno in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, some '80s cartoon solace with G.I Joe: Operation Blackout and much space ship management mayhem in Space Crew. Hardcore Mecha will sadly have to wait: I picked up a Japanese physical copy instead of going digital so now I play the waiting game.

My game of the week is Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. There is absolutely no way that the combination of this and cats isn’t my new Internet favourite thing. Now they only need to make Toad and Koopa Troopa for it...

What games are you playing this weekend?

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