Following the success of the Netflix's animated Castlevania series, a new series based on Capcom's action-RPG Dragon's Dogma will soon be coming to the streaming platform. To get you in the mood for release in a fortnight's time, the company has released a character showcase trailer introducing the cast of the series.

Featuring a visual style very similar to its stablemate anime series, the above trailer gives us a glimpse of the resurrected Ethan, as well as Hannah, Olivia, Louis, Salai and, of course, the Dragon. Here's a snippet from the video's description on YouTube:

Fighting to protect his beloved family from the Dragon, Ethan is robbed of his heart by the nightmarish beast. Although thought to have perished, Ethan is resurrected as the "Arisen." Reawakened, Ethan meets a follower of the Arisen, a Pawn named Hannah. Together, the two set out on a quest to retrieve Ethan's stolen heart.

Meet for the first time the people Ethan and Hannah encounter on their journey of vengeance against the Dragon who robbed Ethan of his heart.

The series will be debuting on Thursday 17th September, so there's not long to wait to see if this matches the quality of the three existing seasons of the Castlevania adaptation.

It seems that Netflix's relationship with Capcom has bloomed into a very productive partnership, with a live action Resident Evil series and season four of Castlevania also in production.

Are you looking forward to Dragon's Dogma (the series)? Think it can live up to the greatness of Dragon's Dogma (the game)? Let us know in the usual place.