Team17 and developer NExT Studios have announced the release date for their upcoming turn-based RPG, Crown Trick. You'll be able to get your hands on it from 16th October.

Said to 'redefine the roguelike genre with synchronous turn-based combat', Crown Trick has you navigating your way through various monsters and traps which move in time with the player. It reminds us of Crypt of the Necrodancer and its Zelda mash-up Cadence of Hyrule, so if you liked those games, you'll want to take note here.

Here's a quick blurb, feature list, and a second trailer which shows off some gameplay.

Waking up in the Nightmare Realm as Elle and armed with only a magical, talking crown to guide them, players develop their own unique combat style, choosing between active and passive abilities, items, and relics to suit. Mastering dominion over elements will also be a key pillar to survival, and upon vanquishing the high-level familiars found lurking in the Nightmare Realm, players will steal their skills and wield them as their own in their journey to escape.

Crown Trick key features:
• Engaging strategic gameplay: Monsters and traps move only when the player moves; carefully thought out strategies are key to escaping the labyrinthine dungeon
• Fight how you want: Create and develop a unique combat style with dozens of active and passive skills and abilities, items, and relics help create different ways to cut through enemy encounters
• Learn from enemies: Gather elite ‘Familiar’ skills by overcoming enemies ready to unleash on others deeper in the dungeon
• Different dungeons every time: The procedurally generated maze ensures players have unique experiences every time they enter the Nightmare Realm

Are you liking the look of it? Think you'll give it a go when it lands on the eShop next month? Tell us below.