Can you see them?
Can you see them? (Image: Nintendo Life)

When Super Mario 3D All-Stars was leaked onto the internet earlier this week, dataminers quickly discovered the games were running on emulators. As pointed out by Digital Foundry, there are a few side effects of this, and now it seems another one has been discovered.

According to The Cutting Room Floor (via dataminer OatmealDome) you can now see the little "debug cubes" in a secret area of Super Mario Sunshine that are meant to be invisible. As noted by Twitter user @PJiggles_, these don't show up in the GameCube release, but are noticeably visible in "unofficial emulations":

"In Super Mario 3D All-Stars, you can see the "debug cubes" in Super Mario Sunshine in the "Secret of the Dirty Lake" stage, which previously only showed up in unofficial emulations of the game like on Dolphin Emulator, they didn't show up at all in the GameCube original."

The Cutting Room Floor further explains what exactly these little cubes are:

In the secret stages, there are grey debug cubes which represent the paths for the red, blue, and multi-coloured cube platforms that are normally invisible when using EFB. However, they become visible when played in some versions of the Dolphin emulator

The Mario Sunshine page on this website has also been updated to make mention of their inclusion in 3D All-Stars:

Presumably due to imperfect graphics emulation, these cubes were visible in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars release of the game.

Nintendo Life can also confirm the debug cubes are in Version 1.0.1 of Super Mario 3D All-Stars (see screenshots).

How about now?
How about now? (Image: Nintendo Life)

In a follow-up tweet, @PJiggles_ said their original post was intended to be a "fun fact" rather than a chance "to get mad at Nintendo", but said they understood why some players might be upset by this, as it's "absolutely a sign of Nintendo being lazy with this collection".

Here are a few of the reactions to this discovery in the Switch version of Sunshine:

"I played sunshine on my dolphin emulator before, and saw those too. This collection is so beyond lazy"

"I don't think grey debug cubes is a petty thing, especially for a 60 dollar collection. Nintendo literally has a seal of quality, so they should be better than that. Hopefully it'll get patched or whatever."

Other fans were more willing to defend Nintendo and some didn't even mind:

"Im honestly shocked at how well sunshine runs considering how little time it was in development."

"I just played this level and never noticed. it made the level way more bearable tbh"

It's also worth taking into consideration that there's been a global pandemic this year. Nintendo has reminded us how the disruptions have also personally impacted it throughout the year time and time again.

Have you noticed these debug cubes yourself since playing Super Mario Sunshine in the 3D All-Stars collection? What do you think about them being on display? Share your thoughts below.