Nintendo Switch

A major online retailer has updated its website to include mentions of Nintendo Switch and 'Nintendo Switch Pro' consoles.

The retailer in question is MediaMarkt, a multinational retailing giant that operates across Europe. The mentions of a Switch Pro have been spotted on its Polish website and can be seen when searching for Switch consoles, games, and accessories. There aren't any Switch Pro consoles to buy, of course, but it serves as a heading for Switch sections of the site.

We've grabbed a screenshot of the site for you below.

Image: MediaMarkt, screenshot: NintendoLife

So does this mean that a 'Switch Pro' is just around the corner? Well, rumours of an updated, more powerful Switch console have been doing the rounds for sometime now, most recently including reports from Taiwan that say a new model is in production and will launch in 2021 alongside major software releases, and a Bloomberg report that suggests Nintendo has told third-party developers to ensure their future titles are 4K-ready.

Still, Nintendo has yet to officially announce any such plans, and it's worth highlighting the fact that the phrase 'Switch Pro' has been created by fans and media. Nintendo has never used the word 'Pro' on updated hardware models in the past, instead preferring the likes of 'New' or 'SP' – surely, if a new Switch is on the horizon, it wouldn't simply copy Sony's PS4 Pro branding?

Instead, then, perhaps this is a case of a retailer simply using the phrase to pick up hits from those searching for a Switch Pro on Google? Or perhaps MediaMarkt knows of a new console on the way, but not the official product name?

It's too early to say, but we'd take any new retailer mentions of a Switch Pro with a huge pinch of salt; if and when Nintendo does officially announce anything about new hardware, we'll let you know.

Thanks to Donat for the tip!

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