Ninjala Sonic The Hedgehog

Ninjala's brand new Sonic the Hedgehog collab is now live, meaning fans can finally get their hands on Sonic costumes in-game – not that you'll want to.

Amazingly, each costume costs a staggering £16 when totting up the necessary Jala (Ninjala's in-game currency) to purchase them. As you can see in the images below shared by our very own Jon Cartwright, each costume costs 2,000 Jala each, which equates to £16 of your real money. You know, the stuff that can buy you food, clothes, or practically anything other than this.

That means that if you wanted to grab all three, you'd need to hand over a whopping £48. Considering the costumes are cosmetic-only, meaning they have no effect on your character's performance in-game, that's an oddly high cost to pay.

Jala can also be earned in other ways, although those who have already paid to enjoy the game's Premium Battle Pass tend to benefit the most from this. If you want to look like Sonic and co., you'll be paying quite the price, it seems.