Adventures of Pip, which first appeared on the good old Wii U back in 2015, is set to receive a new lease of life on Switch next month. Yep, even the indies are making the leap.

The game is a retro-inspired platformer where you take on the role the titular Pip, a prophesied hero able to evolve and devolve across different pixel resolutions. Players have to shift between 1-, 8-, and 16-bit versions of Pip to find the perfect form for defeating each type of enemy, unleashing abilities appropriate for different challenges.

This new Switch version is said to improve on the Wii U edition thanks to new features, optimisations, and quality-of-life improvements. Here's an official description:

Journey with Pip as he sets out to save Princess Adeline from the Evil Queen DeRezzia. Pip’s quest begins when he learns he can absorb the ‘Bitstream’ from his fallen foes to evolve —or devolve— back and forth between 3 different forms. Each evolution provides different powers that Pip can use to solve environmental puzzles and blast through enemies. Pip’s tale leads players through five different stylized worlds with up to 10 hours of epic adventuring gameplay!

Can you help Pip save Pixelonia from the clutches of the evil queen DeRezzia?

It'll launch on Switch on 10th September across North America and Europe, with pricing set to be at $9.99. We enjoyed the Wii U version when we tried it out for review, saying:

The fundamental platforming of Pip and his pixelated prest-o-change-o are where his adventures shine brightest. While nothing else seems to especially stand out or, in some cases, falls somewhat flat (looking at you, secret areas), the overall package is still pleasantly portrayed and is undoubtedly mechanically sound.

Did you happen to play this on Wii U? Think you might give it a go on Switch? Let us know with a comment.