Untitled Goose Game Multiplayer

Ending today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase in style was a very welcome announcement for everyone's favourite honk fest, Untitled Goose Game. That's right, a free multiplayer update is on the way.

Allowing both you a friend to terrorise your once-peaceful little village together, this free content arrives on 23rd September. The presentation also gave us another quick look at the upcoming physical release for the game, although we knew about that already.

We kind of expected Untitled Goose Game to get some DLC one day, but the fact that this update comes free of charge is very welcome indeed. Here are a couple of screenshots showing the madness in action.

If you're interested, Nintendo and the developers behind the game will be hosting a Q+A on Twitter in a couple of days' time. Make sure to get involved.

Will you be honking with a friend next month? Let us know in the comments.