Update (Tue 21st Jul, 2020 12:30 BST): And just like that, pre-orders for the physical edition of Untitled Goose Game have now gone live.

You'll actually find two different options available; the cover we initially reported on below is for the standard release from Skybound Games (pre-order here, $34.99), and there's also a new 'Lovely Edition' available at iam8bit (pre-order here, $39.99). iam8bit also have a vinyl soundtrack available for $29.99.

Standard boxed edition includes:
- The game cartridge/disc for either Switch or PlayStation 4
- A Spring/Summer edition of the Plaza Catalogue: a 24-page retail catalogue featuring useful items and objects that a goose might enjoy collecting
-A 11" x 17" Village Map Poster, hand-illustrated by Melbourne-based artist and game developer, Marigold Bartlett
- An extra sticky official “No Goose" Sticker

iam8bit exclusive “Lovely Edition” includes:
- A 100% recyclable Outer Sheet, Booklet, and Foldout Poster
- Exclusive Reversible Coversheet
- Sugar-Based, Non-Toxic, No-Vinyl Sticker Pack-in
- Eco-friendly “Biolefin” shrink wrap

Original Article (Fri 17th Jul, 2020 13:30 BST): Just a couple of weeks ago, a listing for a physical edition of Untitled Goose Game appeared on Amazon Germany. We suspected that an official announcement for a physical release was likely to be just around the corner, and while that still hasn't happened just yet, more and more details appear to be popping up online.

First up, the Amazon listing now includes box art for the release. We're liking that cover, so as long as this does indeed end up being the real deal, we're sure there'll be plenty of collectors out there who'll want to pick it up.

Goose Game

In addition to this, Direct-Feed Games reports that the retail edition will also be launching in North America for $29.99 on both Switch and PS4. It says that the release will come with the following physical extras:

- 11" x 17" hand-illustrated Town Map Poster
- 'No Goose' sticker
- 24-page leaflet cataloguing items worth collecting

We'll make sure to keep an eye out for any official announcements, but should the listing be accurate, we should expect to see the game's physical edition launch this September.

Would you buy a physical edition? Do you already own the game digitally? Let us know in the comments.

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